As Mums, there is nothing we love more than our families. Our families are our whole world; and what a rewarding, challenging, busy, and sometimes chaotic world it can become at times! With all of the challenges that we face day to day, sometimes success is as simple as knowing that everyone has eaten (something) and we’re all still alive!

Now as LDS mums, our list of worthwhile things to do extends further to include responsibilities such as callings, visiting teaching, family home evening, family and personal scripture reading, home food storage, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming at times as list of things to do grows bigger and bigger.

Being organised and planning ahead is always so important to help ourselves and our families have direction and purpose. But even planning itself can be a daunting task, especially when a standard planner often doesn’t meet our specific needs. We end up needing more than one planner!

This beautiful planner has been designed specifically for mums! Latter-day Saint mums! It has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to help us plan and manage the day to day tasks of raising a family, while also helping us to plan for and focus on our own and our family’s spiritual needs.

My vision for this planner is for it to uplift, inspire, and simplify your planning and organising.

The 2017 edition has been designed with dreamy watercolour washes and embellished with sweet floral touches throughout.