The Inspiration

Hi, I’m Maioha. It’s pronounced My-or-ha. I’m half Maori, half Australian in case my name makes you wonder.

A few years ago I found myself on my knees asking Heavenly Father what He wanted me to do with my time. In a moment of incredibly clear inspiration, He instructed me to create a life planner especially for Latter-day Saint women.

This planner would need to uplift and inspire women and remind them of their worth and purposes here on Earth.

It would need to help them simplify their goals and organise themselves and their families. It would need to have space dedicated to fulfilling callings, remembering the many things to pray for, planning service and ministering, and personal and family goals.

This planner would need space to write down inspiration or make notes. It would need to make space for latter-day counsel to be prepared for emergencies.

To satisfy my own personal desires (ones I felt were favoured by many other women), the planner would also need a whole section dedicated to Christmas planning, a monthly meal planner and a food storage table. A handy pocket page, ribbon page marker and pen holder were the final touches to making this a complete and functional daily life planner.

Now that I knew what the planner would hold I spent many, many hours (hundreds, really) educating myself on just how to create such a thing (Nephi built his own tools, I had to learn the design program from scratch!), playing with the layout until it was perfect, and then praying for assurances from Heavenly Father that I was indeed following His will.

And so the Inspired Life Planner was created.

Especially for Latter-day Saint women.

I hope it inspires you in your daily life and reminds you of the most important things. I hope you use it as a tool to bring calm to your chaos.

I hope it brings to you exactly what Heavenly Father intends for it to bring to YOU.

Love, Maioha