Refiner’s Fire

Last week I shared this image on my Facebook page.

Toughest battles

Given the number of likers on the HC page and the speed with which the image garnered likes (compared to the usual pace) I realised that the message resonated with many of you. I shared it as soon as I saw it myself because it cut straight to my memories of the toughest battle I’ve ever been through.

The image made me feel like I am one of God’s tough soldiers because A) I made it through that trial and B) I did it with the Lord holding my hand, and more often than not, carrying me through it.

So when I see how many others the message resonated with it made me realise that we truly are all facing tough trials in this lifetime. It was like everybody started putting up their hands and saying ‘me too’! When I look at the people to the right and left of me, I’m not the only one that has battles! The people either side of me have dealt with or are dealing with just as much pain and anguish too. These things I did already know, but the reaction it got illuminated the point even more so than before.

I really feel like my toughest battle was a refiner’s fire. It clarified and grew my testimony of Jesus Christ’s atonement. It affirmed everything I already knew in theory but gave me a solid experience to build my faith upon.

I pray that your refiner’s fire will do the same for you and that when we look at others around us we will remember that they too have been through their struggles.

Hearts and hands

With love,


*The first image is from The Family – A Proclamation to the World Facebook page

*The second image is from Pinterest. I couldn’t find the designer who created it.

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