Before I became a mother I was pretty great at keeping track of all of my appointments, to dos, callings and plans in my head. I have 10 siblings and could tell you each of their birthdays as well as all of their kids’ birthdays. I could tell you the amount that I paid for every item of clothing in my wardrobe, even those that I’d bought 10 years earlier. I had my husband’s work and church schedule memorised and everything ran pretty smoothly. My brain was functioning and doing it well.

Then I became a mother and suddenly I couldn’t remember the simplest of things. My brain had closed its doors to any new information that wasn’t going to be of use in the immediate future.

Today I even had to ask my husband what our home phone number is. I’m not kidding.

It was time to start writing things down.

My youngest had his first birthday and I started to feel normal again. Like I could start setting goals again… Distant goals.

Even though my two boys keep me pretty busy, I wanted to do more. I wanted to be useful to Heavenly Father and fulfill His plans for me. So I found myself on my knees asking Heavenly Father what He wants me to do with my time. I have my goals for life, but what is the point of pursuing them if Heavenly Father has another plan for me? I wanted to align my will with His. And so I asked sincerely, and received the most unexpected answer: to create a planner.

And that is why I am here now. I’ve made that planner and proudly (and a little timidly) introduce it to the world.

It has been a heartfelt creation. I hope you will find inspiration in its pages as you plan for your own family.


(Yes, that’s my name 🙂 )

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